Mobile SDKs

All about Forter's Mobile SDKs


Forter's mobile SDKs to receive important behavioral and cyber events that contribute greatly to our model's accuracy and ability to identify fraud and suspicious activity throughout the customer journey and during the checkout event.

Integration time

Our mobile SDKs are intentionally lightweight and provide simple methods to allow merchants a simple integration and time to test. Typical integration time for our mobile SDKs is approximately one developer day. Merchants may spend additional time testing and/or releasing the SDK gradually.

Supported Operating Systems and frameworks

Forter has native app SDKs for Android and iOS as well as a React mobile plugin that can be used for merchants on a React framework and a Webview integration for integrated mobile webviews.

What's Included

Unique IDs
For native mobile apps, integrate the respective mobile SDKs. The SDKs provide methods that generate a unique identifier for the mobile user based on pre-existing, PII compliant persistent device identifiers (IDFV - Identifier For Vendor for iOS and deviceID for Android).

Event Data
The SDKs also provide simple, methods that merchants can call to asynchronously send Forter behavioral events. These events include actions like "add_to_cart", "search", or "Accept terms of service".

SDK Terminology

ForterSDK - the SDK provided by Forter which enables easy event submission from your iOS application to Forter's servers.
Event - an occurrence / an interaction from the user that is considered a change in the application's current state. An event could be any interaction from the user / a change in the environment.
Sending/'Firing' tracking events - this term describes the submitting/reporting of an occurrence (event) in the application.