API to evaluate a customer's request for a refund or credit

Returns Abuse Overview

The Unified Compensation Request (UCR) API is used to provide Forter with all information regarding customers’ requests for compensation (e.g. reship or refund) due to various service issues (e.g. item not received, items are missing or damaged, etc), including returns.

The API supports 2 modes based on the merchant operational flows and ease of integration:

Item Level - compensation requests can be made on an item by item basis, and an order may recieve multiple compensation requests each with different items. Granularity of relevant information such as the type of compensation requested is detailed at the item level and may vary between items.
Order Level - compensation request is aggregated at the order level. A simpler approach where no item level data is shared with Forter

Dependencies/Pre-Requisite APIs

The Full Returns Abuse Trusted Policy integration with the Unified Compensation Request API requires the integration of the following APIs:

  • Order Validation API - The API called at the time of checkout and item purchase. Forter will provide a real-time approve/decline decision and can enforce policies at the time of checkout if an abuser is attempting to make a purchase for the purpose of exploiting a return policy.
  • Order Status API - An API used to provide Forter with updates on the fulfillment status of the order. This API can also be called AFTER a refund or return request is made by the customer to inform Forter of the final status of the order.

Unified Compensation Request: Request body

The UCR API requires the following key data points:

  • originalOrderId of the full reservation details sent via order validation API
  • Account ID or guest account id using _GUEST format. In case guest account is used isGuestAccount parameter should be "true".
  • Compensation Request Data - the main object that contains all relevant data about the compensation (whose structure will vary given item level/order level integration). It includes:
    the amount that was requested
    the channel through which the request was made,
    the type of compensation that was requested by the consumer (e.g. Replacement, Refund, etc..)
    the reason provided for the request (e.g. Damaged Goods)
  "eventId": "r48987fgdse0r",
  "eventTime": 1415287568000,
  "connectionInformation": {
    "customerIP": "",
    "userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.73 Safari/537.36",
    "forterTokenCookie": "2315688945984"
  "originalOrderId": "2356fdse0rr489",
  "accountId": "e520-ba9a-367-60b",
  "compensationRequest": {
    "initiationType": "CALL_CENTER",
    "items": [
        "basicItemData": {
          "name": "White GenericBrand handbag",
          "quantity": 1,
          "type": "TANGIBLE",
          "price": {
            "amountUSD": "99.95"
          "productId": "Ag54352R7768kkO",
          "category": "Apparel and accessories"
        "itemCompensationData": {
          "initiationTime": 1415287568000,
          "requestedReturnType": "SHIP_TO_WAREHOUSE",
          "compensationTypeRequested": "REFUND",
          "reasonCategory": "CHANGED_MY_MIND",
          "internalReasonCategory": "defective item"
    "totalRequestedAmount": {
      "amountUSD": "99.95"
  "hasProofOfPurchase": true

Unified Compensation Request: Response

The UCR API response will contain Forter’s decision regarding the compensation request and if applicable, a recommendation based on the customer’s evaluation and merchant’s business policies.

  "forterDecision": "decline",
  "correlationId": "HGJ7512345H3DE",
  "additionalTags": "",
  "recommendations": [
  "decisionReason": "repeat policy abuse",
  "status": "success"