Fraud & 3DS Execution - Standard Integration

The Fraud & 3DS Execution Standard Integration grants full access to Forter's Fraud Management and Payment Optimization.

The Standard Integration offers a streamlined approach that reduces the development effort required by the merchant. It manages transparently the entire 3DS challenge flow, minimizes the communication needed between the frontend and backend, resulting in a more efficient integration process.

Integration Phases

Setup Verify that the integration prerequisites are met between the merchant and both Forter and the merchant's PSP.

JS and Mobile SDKs Incorporate Forter's client components into your website and application.

Pre Auth Order API Submit Forter the full transaction details to get real time fraud decision, or alternatively an indication to process the response in your checkout page using Forter JS SDK in order to execute 3DS for the transaction.

For the Forter PSD2 solution, a recommendation to request an exemption may be provided in addition to the fraud decision.

Getting 3DS Results After processing the Order response in your checkout page using Forter JS SDK, call Forter to get the fraud decision and 3DS results. Note this phase is required only in case 3DS is executed for the transaction.

Authorization In case Forter Approved the transaction, call your PSP Authorization API with the 3DS results (or PSD2 exemption request) provided by Forter.

Status API Ensure that Forter’s system has the most up-to-date information about the status of the order.

Claims API Notify Forter about chargebacks and fraud alerts.

High Level Integration Flow

Full Integration Flow

The complete integration illustrates the communication between the Forter JS SDK and the Forter Server, the communication between the Forter JS SDK and the Issuing Bank SDK, and the communication between the Merchant backend and the PSP.