PCI Tokenization

Manage credit card data with maximum flexibility

Forter’s agnostic tokenization solution enables you to manage your consumers’ credit card data while maintaining the flexibility to work with any PSP/Gateway.

  • Minimize security risk by storing card data in an external vault, you significantly reduce the risk associated with a data breach.
  • Reduce costs by effectively eliminating the burden of PCI DSS compliance within your organization.
  • Maximize payment performance by sending payments to any processor while also being able to seamlessly turn on Forter's Smart 3DS and Issuer Optimization features for all of your payment volume.

Solution Components

  • Tokenization API allows merchants to create and manage tokens securely from their backend.
  • Detokenization Proxy is a de-tokenization forward HTTP proxy that resides between the merchant’s backend and a third party API
  • Hosted Fields allows merchants to securely collect sensitive data directly from their frontend forms, alleviating the need to apply stricter measures of PCI compliance.