Shopify Plugin Integration

Forter's Shopify Plugin integration Guide

Shopify Plugin Integration Guide

Forter's Shopify Plugin allows your Shopify Standard or Shopify Plus store to integrate seamlessly with Forter's real-time Trust Engine. Follow the steps below to learn about Forter's Shopify Plugin integration!

Step 1: Create a Custom App in Shopify Admin and Copy your App Creds

Log into your Shopify Admin [yourstorename] and select the settings gear on the bottom right corner. In the "Apps and Sales Channels" tab, click on the "Develop Apps for your Store Button"

Next you'll configure your app and set required app "Scopes" that will allow Forter with the relevant permissions to receive and action each order in your store based on the real-time fraud decision. You'll click the "Install App" button to finalize the app creation" and then be given a set of API access credentials that you'll use to connect your app's webhooks to Forter's system.

Step 2: Connect your Custom App to Forter

Log into your Forter portal and paste your new Shopify app credentials into your Forter Settings page. This will connect your app to Forter. Make sure you select the sandbox environment for initial testing and QA.

Step 3: Set to your payment settings to Manual Capture

In your Shopify Store payment settings, select the "Manually Capture Payments" option in order to allow the Forter App configuration to control which payments are captured. This will also separate the payment authorization event from the payment capture/cancellation action.


A note on "Manual Capture"

Selecting the manual option does NOT require manual intervention to capture the payment of these orders. It simply allows Forter's plugin to return a fraud decision after payment authorization but prior to capture or voiding of funds

Step 4: Select your Forter Actions

Navigate to the Forter Shopify Settings screen. Configure the app settings according to your business preferences. This will allow the Forter plugin to automatically take actions (like cancel, void, and restock on decline decisions or capture payment on approve decisions) based on the Forter decision. You can also create custom tags that will be appended to each order based on the Forter decision.

Step 4: Add the Forter JavaScript

In your Forter portal, copy your Forter JavaScript snippet and paste it before the closing </body> tag of the following 2 Shopify HTML templates:

  • theme.liquid
  • checkout.liquid (for ShopifyPlus merchants)

If you are using a headless Shopify integration, please paste the JS script before the closing HTML <body> tag of all customer-facing pages of your site and inform your Forter Implementations Project Manager.

Step 5: Test in Sandbox

Test your Shopify plugin in Sandbox. Send tests for all payment methods and transaction types including:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • ApplePay
  • Digital Wallets (AmazonPay, Venmo, NihaoPay, etc)
  • ShopPay
  • Coupon/Discount Orders
  • Installment Services (Affirm, AfterPay, Klarna)
  • Draft and/or Phone Orders
  • Refund/Exchange Orders

Make sure you discuss what payment methods you want Forter to provide decisions on and ensure the plugin is handling the post-decision actions according to your preferences.

Step 6: Go Live

Add your Production Shopify Custom App to your Forter Production environment and add your Forter Production JS snippet to your Production Shopify site. Determine a date and time for Forter to enable decisions in Production.