Status API

Status API is called after getting the PSP Authorization Response

Status API ensures that Forter’s system has the most up-to-date information about the status of individual orders. This API allows the merchant to update Forter on the PSP Authorization outcome and on changes in order statuses.

Our goal is to understand if the order was Authorized by the bank, completed/delivered, and rejected/canceled at a later phase.

Status Request

Send Order Status API post-auth and include payment object, with the same billingDetails, amount, and the updated payment data (with the verificationResults).
When the authorization succeeds, updatedStatus= “PROCESSING”. When the authorization fails, updatedStatus = “CANCELED_BY_MERCHANT”.

  • Payment Authorization Data
    • Amount authorized
    • AVS and CVV check results, when applicable
    • Authorization code
    • Gateway/processor used and their transaction ID that can help chargeback matching
    • 3DS values as received by the Acquirer (included in the Authorization response)
  • Order fulfillment data - most importantly ongoing updated on the fulfillment status using both the Forter standardized status types and the merchant free text status.

Requests Examples

  "orderId": "171abcde",
  "eventTime": 1661893713000,
  "updatedStatus": "PROCESSING",
  "updatedMerchantStatus": "card auth tokenised",
   "verificationResults": {
     "cvvResult": "M",
     "avsStreetResult": "M",
     "processorResponseCode": "1000",
     "processorResponseText": "Approved"
     "cavvResult": "VYboNwcsB3F9gTIsbaUjvEuLW0o=",
     "eciValue": "05",
     "threeDsStatus": "Cardholder authenticated",
     "threeDsStatusCode": "Y",
     "threeDsStatusReasonCode": "15",
     "liabilityShift": true,
     "threeDsVersion": "2.1.0",
     "threeDsInteractionMode": "FRICTIONLESS",
     "threeDsChallengeCancelCode": "01",
     "authenticationChallengeStartTime": 1586277568000,
     "authenticationTriggered": true,
     "authenticationMethodType": "THREE_DS",
     "exemptionStatus": "accepted",
     "authorizationProcessedWith3DS": true
  "additionalInformation": {},
  "deliveryStatusInfo": {
    "additionalShippingInfo": "PO Box 3297",
    "customerOpenedEmail": false,
    "proofOfShippingURL": true,
    "signedProofOfShipping": true
  "eventId": "r48987fgdse0r",
  "eventTime": 1415287568000,
  "orderId": "2356fdse0rr489",
  "statusChangeReason": "Fraud_Team_Manual_Decline",
  "updatedMerchantStatus": "Shipped",
  "updatedStatus": "SENT",
  "updatedTotalAmount": {
    "amountLocalCurrency": 105.55,
    "amountUSD": 99.95,
    "currency": "CAD"

Status Response

The response details whether or not the order status update was completed successfully. It will NOT return a new decision.


  "message": "Transaction #:id status recieved",
  "status": "success"