Trusted Policies at Checkout

Merchants can use Forter to enforce your specific policies at checkout

Trusted Policies at Checkout

With Forter’s Trusted Policies at checkout allow you to enforce policies around:

  • Promotion Abuse
  • Returns INR Abuse
  • Reseller Abuse
  • Reshipper Abuse

Forter's Trusted Policies Product can be integrated:

  • Post-Authorization (AFTER payment has been authorized by your Payment Service Provider) OR
  • Pre-Authorization where an API request for a Forter approve/decline decision is sent BEFORE your system sends the payment request to the relevant bank for authorization. Pre-Auth integrations are appealing if you have card testing by fraudsters or if your payment provider holds long card authorizations.

Integration Steps

  1. Place Forter’s JavaScript snippet on your website (use our dedicated mobile SDKs for native mobile app) to allow us to analyze customers’ profiles as necessary for trust assessments
  2. Send Forter your basic order data to get a real-time trust assessment and recommendations. Note that based on your business policies, some recommendations may influence the checkout experience.
  3. Send Forter your post-order updates, including your payment authorization status (for pre-auth integrations) and order fulfillment status, via the order status API
  4. In addition to the standard flow, additional post-purchase compensation request information should be
    included in either the order status API or dedicated Unified Compensation Request API or INR API

Trusted Policies at Checkout Integration

In order to integrate Trusted Policies at checkout, you will need to provide Forter with the relevant data as outlined in the Trusted Conversions Integration Guide.

Note that specific policies may require additional data to be provided.
For Promotion Abuse Protection you will need to provide Forter the promo codes as part of the Order Validation API request.

For Returns/INR Abuse Protection you will need to provide Forter post purchase updates about orders that have been returned or reported as "Item Not Received" via the Order Status API request.

In addition, in order to optimize your customer experience at checkout in accordance with your business policies, the API response may include a recommendations property that will provide the indicator needed to modify the checkout experience as needed. For example, if you would like to notify the customer that a transaction can only be completed without the restricted promo code, this will be achieved via a recommendation returned in the Order Validation API response alongside the Forter Decision.