Order Status API - Smart Payments 3DS Execution

The Post-Authorization Order Status API is called after the Adaptive Auth Transaction API

Order Status API Request

The Order Status API is used to provide Forter with updates after the initial decision was made (use the orderID provided in the decision API as the identifier to connect to the original order).

This includes:

  • Payment Authorization Data - such as the amount authorized, AVS and CVV check results (when applicable), the authorization code, and gateway/processor used and their transaction ID that can help chargeback matching.
  • 3DS/PSD2 Response Data - data to indicate the results of the exemption or execution request for PSD2 or 3DS.
  • Order fulfillment data - most importantly ongoing updated on the fulfillment status using both the Forter standardized status types and the merchant free text status.

Please see the Order Status API Reference page for more details.

  "orderId": "171abcde",
  "eventTime": 1661893713000,
  "updatedStatus": "PROCESSING",
  "updatedMerchantStatus": "card auth tokenised",
   "verificationResults": {
     "cvvResult": "M",
     "avsStreetResult": "M",
     "processorResponseCode": "1000",
     "processorResponseText": "Approved"
     "cavvResult": "VYboNwcsB3F9gTIsbaUjvEuLW0o=",
     "eciValue": "05",
     "threeDsStatus": "Cardholder authenticated",
     "threeDsStatusCode": "Y",
     "threeDsStatusReasonCode": "15",
     "liabilityShift": true,
     "threeDsVersion": "2.1.0",
     "threeDsInteractionMode": "FRICTIONLESS",
     "threeDsChallengeCancelCode": "01",
     "authenticationChallengeStartTime": 1586277568000,
     "authenticationTriggered": true,
     "authenticationMethodType": "THREE_DS",
     "exemptionStatus": "accepted",
     "authorizationProcessedWith3DS": true

Order Status API Response

The response details whether or not the order status update was completed successfully. It will NOT return a new decision

  "message": "Transaction: 171abcde status recieved",
  "status": "success"