Smart Payments 3DS Full Execution

Smart Payments 3DS Full Execution Overview

Forter's Smart 3DS/PSD2 full execution integration allows merchants to maximize transactions authorized by their PSP (Payment Service Provider) and minimize the friction for legitimate customers by providing recommendations for the application of 3DS while balancing risk, regulation, and customer experience needs.

Required APIs

The Smart Payments 3DS/PSD2 Execution Integration requires the integration of the following APIs and touch points:

  1. Forter JavaScript/Mobile SDK - These scripts/SDKs should be added in order for the ACS JS execution can take place during the 3DS Init API call.
  2. 3DS Init API - This API is used for retrieving the bank ACS. The Forter JavaScript should be rendered on the merchant client so that Forter's system can connect the relevant customer device data and card number directly to the ACS.
  3. Adaptive Auth Transaction API (Pre-Auth) - The Adaptive Auth Transaction API should be called at the time of checkout and item purchase prior to authorization by the Payment Provider. Forter will provide a real-time approve/decline decision and/or execute a challenge for the customer.
  4. 3DS Challenge Verification API - API is used for checking the challenge results after the challenge journey was completed on the merchant site (following a callback that the merchant receives directly from the ACS about completion). The API request body only requires the order id and challenge token which was recieved in the callback from the ACS.
  5. Adaptive Auth Transaction API (Post-Auth) - The Adaptive Auth Transaction API may also be called after the 3DS challenge verify and authorization by the Payment Provider for an updated real-time approve/decline decision by Forter
  6. Order Status API - The API used to provide Forter with updates on the fulfillment status. If no post-auth Adaptive Auth Transaction API call is made, the Order Status API should also include the authorization Status and 3DS/PSD2 data for the order. Forter does NOT return an approve/decline decision for the Order Status API. Instead it is used to provide Forter's models with updated information about the order and the customer entity.